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140922 Snowdrop Index Update

140922 Snowdrop Index Update

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‘Super Show 6′, How did Sungmin Contribute to ‘Elsa Contest’?

Super Junior announced how they came up with the ‘Elsa Contest’ cosplay (costume+play). At the press conference on September 21, Super Junior spoke about the ‘Elsa Contest’ cosplay, which attracted huge attention among fans. They said, “We had to choose one same character so that no one could be a victim.”

The cosplay has always been the highlight of . The members could only be satisfied with making the whole show a sea of laughs at every concert.

Shindong, who worked with Eunhyuk as the stage director of the concert said, “We come up with the hottest item of the year. Heechul has been showing his intention to become ‘Anna’ since the release of . That’s how we decided on a character from an animated movie.

The there weren’t enough characters as they were allocating the characters like Anna, Elsa and Olaf just like when they wore like characters from . Being short of character, Sungmin had to be the only ‘Wong Fei-hung’ among the heroes.

Shindong siad, “As you could see if you look at the pictures from the event, Sungmin did not look quite happy. So we agreed on becoming the same character, and we became nine Elsas.”

Heechul said, “I would not have bent my will if I hadn’t served under military duty. I compromised as I learned how to get along with the members. I wasn’t very happy”, making a joke.But his dream came true and he finally became Anna, at the 3rd concert on the final day, surprising the audience.

Super Junior held , where he met with 25,000 fans at three consecutive concerts from September 19 to 21 at Jamsil Arena. It was little of an inconvenience as the arena was rather small due to the construction work at the Olympic Stadium. However, the splendid stage settings such as the LED screen(20m x 6m), two side screens, pop-up lift, round turn table and laser. Famous Japanese stage director Masao Ookubo was the general manager of the show. Shindong and Eunhyuk also contributed to the high quality and distinct show as stage directors.

The Seoul concerts will be followed by concerts in Japan, which will be held at Tokyo Dome on October 29 to 30, beginning of Super Juniors world tour held in major cities.

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